Life From A Different Angle

In 2017, professional portrait photographer, Tommy Reynolds, spend the weekend with James. This is their story.

“My name is Tommy Reynolds and I’m a professional portrait and travel photographer. Myself and my videographer Michael travelled up to Liverpool In June 2017 to film this documentary, which is undoubtedly my¬†proudest project to date.”

“I am so thrilled to share this film which acts as a continuation from the BBC documentary ‘The Big Life Fix’, which many of you may have seen already if you know James. When I first watched the show in 2016, I was truly blown away at how passionate James was about photography. Without any hesitation, I felt compelled to contact James and offer to teach him how to get the most out of his camera over the course of a weekend. I wanted to use my skills as a photographer and give something back instead of thinking of my own business. James’ always prided himself on being positive and smiling… “Even if you’re having a total rubbish day to always smile!” James is one of, if not THE most inspirational person I have ever met.”

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